Many Americans watched the vice presidential debate back in November of last year. During the debate the candidates were asked about their views on abortion. Joseph Biden, a Catholic, said that he personally believes abortion is wrong; but his faith does not require him to impose this belief on others. That was the explanation used to justify Biden’s support of abortion.
Well, Mr. Biden, you are wrong. The Catholic Church does require all Catholics to support the illegalization of abortion. To support abortion in any fashion is to incur a self-excommunication.
It is also absurd to say that we should not impose our beliefs against abortion on others. To be against abortion is to support life. It is not imposition when you are trying to protect the most innocent of all lives: the unborn! They can’t protect themselves. Besides, isn’t it the job of the government to protect its citizens? Especially the ones who can’t protect themselves?
Furthermore, to support any law is to impose on somebody. If we can’t “impose” our views on anyone, then I guess we should legalize pedophilia. The Man Boy Love Association supports the “rights” of grown men to have sex with underage boys. To make such illegal is to “impose” our views on them. Poor persecuted pedophiliacs!
No one in their right mind would say this. But that is exactly what Mr. Biden’s views amount to. Catholics must oppose abortion. We can not be afraid to “impose” our views on others. A square has four equal sides and four corners, not matter what you call it. Rules are rules, and there’s nothing that can be done about that! So, please, “impose” on others!
Peace in Christ,
David Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity