What is the deal with our politicians? There are several important Catholic politicians in this country. Rick Santorum, a senator from Pennsylvania, ran for the Republican nomination for President last year. He is a Catholic. Paul Ryan is a Catholic, and he was the running mate for Mitt Romney. Ryan is currently a senator for Wisconsin. Nancy Pelosi is former Speaker of the House, and she is Catholic. Rep. John Boehner is the current Speaker of the House, and he is Catholic. Guess what religion Vice-President Joe Biden claims to be? Yep, you guessed it! Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic.
Yet all of these prominent Catholic politicians are oddly quiet on the HHS Mandate regarding contraceptives. This mnadate says that all for-profit organizations must allow their employees to have contraceptive coverage on their insurance should they desire it. The government will foot the bill, but the for-profit organizations must allow the coverage for those employees who desire it. Why are our politicians keeping quiet about this issue? Is it because several organizaitons already have lawsuits against the mandate pending? That is no excuse!
It is understandable why Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden do not oppose the HHS Mandate. Pelosi and Biden are nominal Catholics at best! Few people know that to celebrate her election to the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi had Fr. Drinan celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving. For those who are not aware, Fr. Drinan was almost excommunicated by Pope Bl. John Paul II for refusing to give up his seat in the US Congress. Joseph Biden’s support of the HHS Mandate is also understandable. Biden also supports abortion and gay marriage!
What is harder to understand is Sen. Paul Ryan, Sen. Rick Santorum, and Speaker Boehner’s silence on the HHS Mandate. These last three at least seem to be more in-line with the Catholic Church. They have publicly expressed their opposition to the HHS Mandate, yet they have become silent as of late. I know the economy has not been in good shape, and the Congress has had to deal with this sequestration mess, but that is no excuse! Catholic government officials must be pressured into being more vehement, more vocal in their opposition to the HHS Mandate. They must be pressured to make the HHS Mandate a more prominent issue.
American Catholic Solidarity encourages all Catholics in this country to get in contact with their representatives and senators in the Federal Government. Especially contact the Catholic officials. Let’s pressure them to bring the HHS Mandate back into the conversation more. Let us make sure that Catholic politicians become more open and vehement in their opposition to the HHS Mandate. This mandate is a direct violation of our freedom of religion! It violates the Catholic conscience!
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity