Recently, I have had several debates with people over the Catholic stance on homosexuality. Even many Catholics seem to disagree with the idea that homosexuality is sinful. Aren’t homosexuals human, too? Don’t they have the right to be with the ones they “love”? What’s with the homophobia and bigotry? After all, haven’t scientists proven that homosexuality is a genetic trait?
Allow me to first say that Catholic teaching on homosexuality is far from homophobic. Just because someone disagrees with a particular action or lifestyle, doesn’t mean that they are afraid of it. Nor does it mean they are bigots. Catholics do not hate homosexuals, but we do hate homosexuality. The difference is that we hate the sin, not the people. I have had acquaintances that were homosexual. I had a homosexual uncle die of AIDS, and one of my cousins is homosexual. I do not hate any of these people, but I must admit that their lifestyle is sinful. The Bible calls sin what it is, and so does the Church. We’re not judging someone when we call them out on their sins.
When it comes to being with the person you love, it is not necessarily a right. To claim that homosexuality is an orientation that comes from some gene(s) does not mean it is an acceptable lifestyle. There are genes that cause people to be inclined towrds alcoholism. Does that make alcoholism acceptable? What about schizophrenics? Some people are born with schizophrenia. They might hear voices that tell them to kill. Should we allow them to do it? After all, that is what is natural for them.
You might argue that schizophrenia is an illness, and homosexuality is not. How do you know that? Is it because a minority of people have it? Is it because schizophrenics have a chemical imbalance? How do you know that it is an imbalance?
Psychologists say that most human beings have certain levels of the various chemicals in their bodies. The fact that some have differing levels makes these people ill? I’m not arguing that schizophrenia is not an illness. I’m simply pointing out that the different chemical levels in a schizophrenic makes him/her act in “abnormal” ways. Because most people do not act the way schizophrenics do, psychologists call schizophrenics ill. Why is not the same for homosexuals?
Homosexuals act in a way that most people do not. They may not have a chemical imbalance-it may be that their genes dictated they would be homosexual-but it is still abnormal. How do you know that homosexuality, then, does not come from a gene that mutated wrong? Why are homosexuals treated differently from schizophrenics, bio-polars, psychotics, etc.?
The fact is that God created sex for procreation. Yes, pleasure plays a part, but it only plays a secondary role. The main purpose for sex is procreation. Neither men, nor women, can procreate with a member of the same sex. This is the primary reason homosexuality is wrong. When we have sex (within marriage) we aid God in His creative process. Whatever God does is sacred. When we have sex we are supposed to help God in His creative action. This makes sex a sacred act. To distort a sacred act is sacrilege. To distort sex is sacrilege.
One other argument people have made to me is that animals use sex in a variety of ways. Well, sorry to break the news to you, but humans are not animals. We have something that all other creatures on earth lack: the use of reason. We have the ability to understand things that can not be detected by our senses. For instance, we can understand the concept of God. No animal is capable of this. The faculty of reason sets humans apart from every other creature on earth.
So, should homosexuals be able to be with the people they “love”? The fact is, homosexuality is sinful. So I ask: “What’s love got to do with it?”
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity