There are those in the world of science that believe every living thing in the world evolved from a single-cell organism. This is sometimes referred to as macro-evolution. To believe in macro-evolution does not exclude a belief in God. In fact, the Catholic Church (with some conditions) allows for the belief in macro-evolution. Yet, many evolutionists are atheists. They believe that evolution alone explains the existence of life on earth. I, however, see some problems.
Let us assume that macro-evolution is true; that everything evolved from a single-cell organism. You would still need God. Evolution is simply the idea of adaptability. Basically, something changes about an organism’s environment, and the organism must adapt or die. It must “learn” how to survive in its new environment, or the organism faces extinction! This is where evolution (macro and/or micro) comes in.
The organism in question may simply evolve in a small, albeit noticeable, way. An example of this may be seen in the different coat colors some dogs and cats have. For instance, a dog that primarily lives in a mountainous habitat may have a grayish coat; while a dog primarily residing in a desert-type habitat may have a sandy-colored coat. Both are dogs, but they are different types of dog. This is micro-evolution.
The organism in question, however, may evolve into an entirely different type of animal. This is macro-evolution, and it is an apparently lengthy process. So much so, that it is not observable by any one individual. An example may be found in how many scientists believe that some fish evolved into reptiles and amphibians due to changes in the earth’s environment.
At first this may not sound like an unreasonable hypothesis; but a little more digging reveals some problems. If evolution is the source of all life, then what was evolution’s source? Evolution is nothing more than the theory of adaptability. Adaptability is, in essence, change. If we believe that there is no God and evolution created all life, then we can not explain how it is that evolution itself exists. Because evolution is nothing more than the theory of adaptability, then it must be admitted that evolution is nothing more than change.
One of the main tenets of physics, however, teaches us that all change must occur from a source that is not subject to the change it causes. In other words, if evolution is adaptability (change), then this would preclude a belief in God. If every change must have a source that is independent of the change caused, then change itself (adaptability/evolution) must have a source unaffected by change. This source would be constancy itself. This source Christians call God.
Another problem I see is that if evolution is all there is, humans would be an impossibility. Every human being that has ever lived had some sort of personality. Evolution, however, is a person-less force. How can a person-less force cause life that possesses a personality? This is an absolute impossibility! From whence would the personality in human beings (or any other creature for that matter) come from, if God did not exist? A personality can not just appear. It, like all life, must come from a source which also possesses a personality. A personality, once in existence, may change; but it can not simply come from non-existence to existence.
Atheistic evolution simply fails to answer the most basic questions. I do not deny that micro-evolution exists. It is apparent to everyone who has the intelligence to observe that viruses, for example, evolve to become immune to medicines over time. I am not a believer in macro-evolution, but I do not deny that I may be wrong on that point. I simply would like to point out that evolution would not be possible without God!
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity