I want to write to apologize to everyone that we have not had a blog post in a while. I have been struggling mightily lately with my asthma. It still isn’t really under control, but I am doing better. You know what isn’t doing better, though? Our country!
Secretary of State John Kerry was speaking to the media a couple of weeks ago about the situation in Syria. In the course of the interview Secretary Kerry was asked if there was any way Syria could avoid a military strike from the U.S. Kerry replied that Bashar al-Assad would have to give up all of Syria’s chemical weapons. When asked if this was a serious offer, Sec. Kerry said that such an offer was unrealistic. We all know that Assad isn’t going to give up his weapons, right? Well, unexpectedly, Sec. Kerry stumbled on a non-aggressive solution. Assad announced that he would take Kerry up on his offer. So, now, it looks as if Syria will be giving up their chemical weapons, and a military strike shouldn’t be required.
Yet, all is not as it seems. While President Obama’s administration is so confident that Assad’s regime was responsible for the chemical attack on its own people, our intelligence community isn’t as confident. The U.S. intelligence community has announced that it does not have indisputable proof that Assad is responsible for the chemical attack. In fact, the intelligence community has been clear that it is possible that the rebels were the ones responsible for the attack! Yet, does that really make a difference?
Why does it matter who is responsible for the chemical attack in Syria? The fact is that the rebels in Syria are a minority. They may be a large minority, but a minority they are. If we really support democracy-as Obama claims-then why don’t we back Assad? It seems he is the one with the support of the majority. Still, ignoring this, there are other reasons not to support the rebels in Syria.
It is no secret that the rebels are Radical Muslims who have executed numerous innocent people in Syria simply because they were Christians. Now let us assume that Assad is the one behind the chemical attack in Syria. Does that man we should support the rebels? Assad protects the Christian population in Syria from persecution. In the northern portion of Syria, where the rebels are in control, persecution of Christians abounds. I can assure you that if the rebels had chemical weapons, they would use them. All the signs supporting this view are there. So I ask: Why should strike Assad’s regime?
Assad may not be a great guy, but the rebels are certainly no better. In fact, they may be worse! The United States should keep out of Syria. The violence is reprehensible, but we have no business getting involved. The U.S. is not the world’s police force. The Syrian people must resolve their own problems. We can not afford to get involved. ACS encourages everyone to let our leaders know that we the people do not want the U.S. to get involved in Syria in any way whatsoever. Make your voices heard! The U.S. must stay out of Syria!
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity