Well, folks, Obama is at it again! It’s not bad enough that the President is infringing on conscience (and breaking the First Amendment) with his Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the HHS Mandate on contraceptives. No, now the President has taken one step further. The government is shutdown (partially), so many government workers are being furloughed or working for free.
Last week, a woman was killed in Washington D.C. by security guards at the Capitol Building. Because of the shutdown the guards were working for free. Were they punished for their actions? Did Obama order the guards arrested? Certainly not! After all, the guards saved lives, right?
Well, apparently, Catholic priests are undeserving of the same courtesy. Security guards should be allowed to work without pay, because they save lives. Priests are only concerned about souls and spiritual matters. Why should they be allowed to work without pay. So, Obama has ordered all Catholic priests celebrating Mass on U.S. military bases to be arrested!
I really don’t see how this is justified. The premise seems to be that Catholic chaplains can’t work off the clock. They’re not getting paid, so they can’t work. The problem is, the same rule should apply to the security guards at the Capitol. They saved lives? Big deal, the body is subordinate to the soul. Priests tend to the soul. If security guards can work without pay, why can’t Catholic priests?
What’s more, Catholic priests are such before they become chaplains in the U.S. military. That being the case, when a priest celebrates Mass he isn’t performing a military duty. He’s performing his duty as a priest! That duty takes precedence over all others! The military doesn’t pay Catholic priests to celebrate Mass. The government has no right to have priests arrested for saying Mass for free on military bases. You can’t put a price on the spiritual welfare of human beings.
If we allow this happen to our priests without a fight, then we are setting a dangerous precedent. Basically, the government is saying they pay chaplains to celebrate Mass. If the government can regulate Mass over one area, what prevents them from extending that to other areas?
Catholics must stand up to this administration. We can not allow the government to arrest priests for celebrating Mass military bases. A priest is a priest before he becomes a military chaplain. He celebrates Mass before he becomes a military chaplain. The Mass is the realm of the Catholic Church. The Federal government has no right to attempt to regulate this. Back off, Mr. President!!!
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity