It’s true. The truth really does set you free. Well, hopefully it will set the US free from the tyranny of the current administration. The truth is out. The Obama administration did know that the attacks on the US Consulate in Benghazi were terrorists attacks the entire time! There it is. They lied to the American people.
To make it worse, Hillary Clinton get up in front of Congress and asked, “What does it matter?” This question was in reference to who attacked us. Well, Hillary, it matters a lot! Four Americans were killed, and the Obama administration doesn’t care. But who didn’t see this coming?
All one need do is turn to Obama’s autobiography, Audacity to Hope. There he openly admits that if things “turn ugly” he will side with the Muslims. Not shocking, really.
I suggest reading Gary Aldrich’s book Unlimited Access. It was written during Bill Clinton’s first term as president. Mr. Aldrich worked for the FBI. He did the security clearing for everyone selected to work in the White House. He wrote his book to warn the American people what the Clintons were doing. The fact is, we were warned what kind of a person Hillary is. “Unlimited Access” is full of information regarding this hateful woman.
We must not sit idly by. All of the American people must work to get us out from under this administration. I know Hillary is no longer working for Obama, but the news about Benghazi and Hillary’s “hit list” show just how dangerous she is.
And don’t fool yourselves into believing anyone else in Obama’s administration is any better. Heck, just look at what Kerry is doing with Iran! We must do something. If we don’t act soon, there may not be much of a US to save!
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity