Liberals always give a whole lot of lip service to “equality”. They say everyone has the right to believe as he/she wishes. Yet, this is nothing more than lip service. As soon as someone expresses a belief that differs from that of the liberals, they attempt to silence them. This is exactly what is happening in New York.
Governor Andrew Cuomo is attempting to silence everyone in “his state” who disagrees with his views. (Let’s hope Pope Francis doesn’t visit New York any time soon!) Gov. Cuomo has said there is no place in the state of New York for pro-lifers or conservatives.
Well, Mr. Cuomo, show me where in the Constitution you are given the right to basically threaten those holding opposing views to your own with exile! Who gives you this right? The answer is no one. Liberals always preach “tolerance”, but they are the least tolerant people of opposing views.
The “Catholic” Andrew Cuomo pretty much supports everything the Catholic Church stands against. Cuomo is clear that he believes he knows better than the Church. Does this sound familiar? It should, because another Catholic made the same mistake. His name was Martin Luther.
Martin Luther, at his trial for heresy, admitted that he believed almost 1500 years of Catholicism was wrong, and Luther was right. Don’t take my word for it. The Protestant scholar, Roland H. Bainton says as much in his biography of Luther, “Here I Stand”. Andrew Cuomo is basically making the same claim.
His comments about pro-lifers are especially telling. It is no secret that pretty much the entire Cuomo family are radical supporters of abortion. This, despite the fact that the Church is clear that abortion is never acceptable. But maybe we should listen to Cuomo. I mean, after all, he is a politician. Didn’t you know politicians are never wrong? Besides, isn’t Scripture clear that Jesus gave the Cuomos the keys to the kingdom of heaven? Is Andrew Cuomo not one of the pre-eminent theologians in the world?
Being so knowledgeable and authoritative, Andrew Cuomo will know that Jesus gave the keys to Peter; and the authority that comes along with the keys is handed on to Peter’s successors. The Cuomos don’t qualify as Peter’s successors. Furthermore, the Code of Canon Law is clear that supporting mortal sin (and abortion is mortal sin) is the equivalent to committing mortal sin. Mortal sin incurs a latae sententiae (self-excommunication). Supporting mortal sin, then, does the same.
This is one of the things that American Catholic Solidarity has been set up to fight against. We oppose such dissent to Catholic Teaching. We humbly request all of our members and supporters to petition your bishops to openly oppose and condemn such actions. Even to public excommunication (fecundae sententiae). We must be silent no more! The hierarchy should become less concerned with public image, political correctness, and appeasing the liberals, and more concerned about stopping these scandals to the faithful! Please, Your Excellencies, successors to the Apostles! Please, allow these scandals no longer! Stand up, and take action against these brazen dissenters.
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity