Recently, brain death has received quite a bit of attention. The case of the brain dead pregnant woman whose husband won a case in court to have his wife taken off life support is the reason why. While there are many moral and ethical questions regarding life support and brain death, it would seem that everything is not quite as it seems.
Emberly Pollard, my wife and Vice President of American Catholic Solidarity, stumbled across an article yesterday that I simply could not ignore. A Catholic neonatologist named Dr. Bryne wrote an article in which he said brain death is a farce. Brain death is used in the medical field as an excuse for organ transplants.
I am no doctor, so I won’t go into great detail here. Basically, however, Dr. Bryne said that organs must be taken from a living body. Oftentimes, when someone is brain dead, they are actually quite alive. Hospitals, however, make a boatload of money off of organ transplants. So, when they get someone severely injured in an auto accident, for example, doctors are quick to “pull the plug” on them and let the victim die.
This is morally wrong, because “brain death” victims can come out of it. There are plenty of cases where someone was declared brain dead; they were left on life support; and they regained their ability to breathe and function on their own. Too often, according to Dr. Bryne, hospitals are too quick to “pull the plug”. Patients who might otherwise survive actually are killed by the doctors sworn to take care of them. Why does this happen?
According to Dr. Bryne, one of the main reasons is organ donation. The biggest problem, however, is that organs must be harvested from a living person. That’s correct. Before the “plug is pulled”, while the patient is still alive, his/her organs are removed!
This is nothing short of murder. I had learned in my anatomy and physiology class that organs had to be taken from a living person. At the time, however, I didn’t give that much thought. Now, I realize the ramifications.
I also realize that I have not yet provided a link to the article, so here it is:

I hope that everyone will read it. This is a most important issue that should be taken seriously by anyone who calls himself pro-life. If Dr. Bryne is correct-and I see little reason to believe he isn’t-then hospitals around the world have been getting away with murder for years! Please, read the link, and tell us what you think.
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity