Everyone knows what the United Nations is. It’s that worldwide organization of windbags who blow an awful lot of hot air, but takes very little effective action. It’s the worldwide organization which turns a blind eye to corruption and abuses of human rights when it’s convenient for the UN to do so. The UN is also that organization which now feels as if it has the right to dabble in theology.
The UN was developed by man not even a hundred years ago. It rose out of good intentions from those who wanted the nations of the world to work more closely to help prevent another world war. This rather youthful, man-made organization now thinks it has the authority to tell the Catholic Church (whose origins are divine, and who is over 2000 years old) what to teach the faithful.
The UN began about a month ago by criticizing the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church. The first problem is that the UN acted as if the child sex abuse crisis was still at its height. The UN ignored the steps the Catholic Church has taken (over ten years ago) to ensure such heinous acts never occur again.
The second problem is that the UN ignored the problem public schools are having worldwide with child sex abuse. The numbers are terrifying, and much larger than in the Church. Furthermore, public schools in the US are notorious for trying to hide such cases. These problems are far worse in public school than they have ever been in the Catholic Church!
The third problem is that the UN holds the common, but erroneous, view that the child sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church was a case of pedophilia. It was not.
Most priests abused males who had already hit puberty. This is properly known as ephebophilia. This might seem like a technicality, but it is completely relevant. Most of the priests found guilty of these acts revealed that they were homosexuals. The priesthood allowed them to hide this fact, while still living the lifestyle. These priests wanted to keep their homosexuality a secret. As clergymen, they had great access to teenaged boys. In addition, it is easy to manipulate these trusting, yet naive, young men, and keep them quiet.
Did the UN stop at their criticism of the sex abuse crisis? No, the UN felt it was its place to demand the Catholic Church change some of its Teachings! Below is a link to the story:


The UN is essentially demanding the Catholic Church accept teenage sex, homosexuality, and abortion! Obviously, not everyone in the UN is Catholic. It is also obvious that the UN has no intention of respect man’s inalienable right to freedom of religion. Who gave the UN the right to tell the Catholic Church what to teach?
The UN was developed by man shortly after World War II. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ almost 2000 years ago! Furthermore, the UN is ignoring the dangers of teenage sex, homosexuality, and abortion.
The UN needs to stay out of the realm of theology. If we’re comparing track records the UN does not stack up well at all when compared to the Catholic Church. The Church has done more for the advancement of mankind, and the salvation of souls, than the UN could ever hope to do.
Who civilized the barbarians and kept Europe from spiraling downward after the fall of the Roman Empire? Who had free schools in Europe so that even the poor could have a decent education? Who have the world some of its greatest scientists? Who has survived more catastrophes than any other institution in history? Whose leader was the one originally responsible for many of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points for Peace that helped bring an end to World War I?
The answer to all of the questions above is the Catholic Church. The facts are there. The Catholic Church promotes what is good and holy. The UN picks and chooses what evils they wish to support or oppose at their convenience. The Catholic Church is ancient and of divine origin. The UN is relatively young, and man-made. The Catholic Church teaches and takes action. The UN blows a lot of hot air, and has done very little real good. So who should be criticizing who again?
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity