Remember the television program “Life is Worth Living”? I am not old enough to have seen the episodes when they originally aired, but I have seen the reruns on EWTN. If you aren’t familiar with “Life is Worth Living”, I strongly suggest you become familiar with it. It is a fantastic program.
“Life is Worth Living” was hosted by Ven. Fulton J. Sheen. Ven. Sheen was a priest, bishop, then archbishop here in the USA. His cause for beatification is currently progressing at the Vatican. Ven. Sheen’s program aired during the height of the Cold War. That being so, one can easily understand why one of Ven. Sheen’s favorite topics was Communism (Marxist Socialism).
Fulton Sheen would often warn Americans about the infiltration of Communism in the USA. Many people at the time blew off Sheen’s warnings. After all, this program aired right after Sen. McCarthy’s “witch hunt” for covert Communists in the US had come to an end. It certainly didn’t help Ven. Sheen’s case when the USSR collapsed in the early 90s.
Heck, I can remember a time in the mid-nineties (in my early teens) when I spoke of the threat of Communism to my relatives at a gathering at my grandmother’s house. The reception to my comments was not what I had expected. Everything I had learned in my schooling had spoken of the dangers of Communism. I had learned that the Marxist Socialists were very clever, and they were attempting to infiltrate the intellectual elite of America. During the Cold War everyone was worried that Communists would attempt a military conquest of the US. I had learned that, once the Communists realized they couldn’t defeat us militarily, they would attempt to infiltrate us intellectually.
My family did not agree with this view. In their minds the USSR was dead, and Communism was dead with it. Oh sure, China was Communist, but they were too economically weak and technologically backwards to be any serious threat to us. My fears over Communism, I was assured, were needless. Democracy and capitalism had won! Had they really?
Little did anyone know that only a short time before my conversation with my family, a little-known lawyer in Chicago was proving that what Ven. Fulton Sheen had warned of during the 60s and 70s was coming true. The lawyer’s name would soon be known, not only in the US, but throughout the world.
The lawyer’s name was Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro). He was a civil right’s lawyer and community organizer in Chicago. In this position Obama (Soetoro) had to appear in court on behalf of Saul Alinsky’s organization.
Saul Alinsky had great influence on Obama. One doesn’t need to read Obama’s writings to see just how influential Alinsky’s ideology was/is on Obama. One need only read Saul Alinsky’s work “Rules for Radicals”. This book (and Saul Alinsky’s ideology) is very dangerous. What’s worse, it has influenced how Obama has governed our country.
I won’t go into too great detail on “Rules for Radicals” here. I will only discuss some of the most important details from the book that demonstrate its latent affiliation with Communism.
Vladimir Lenin once said that the strategy of Communists is to use the force of persuasion before they gain power. After they gain power, Lenin tells us, the Communists will use the persuasion of force. Alinsky, essentially, believed the same thing.
In his book, “Rules for Radicals”, Alinsky says that an effective community organizer must be willing to use the exact same tactics against his opponents that use on him. If the community organizer’s opponents try to use blackmail against him, the community organizer must do the same. He must not be afraid to use dirty tactics against his opponents.
Alinsky leaves no room for honor or decency. He doesn’t believe in a clean, fair fight. Alinsky believes that dirty tactics are the easiest way to bring down an opponent. The community organizer, according to Alinsky, must not be afraid to even initiate the “dirty tactics”! Just imagine the evil and chaos that would result if everyone used these tactics!
Another tenet of Alinsky’s “philosophy” is that a good community organizer must “organize, educate, and agitate”. This is precisely the tactic used by the Communists under Vladimir Lenin. In fact, many totalitarian ideologies use this tactic.
Saul Alinsky was a master in framing his opponents. He would enter a troubled community; work behind the scenes to exacerbate the problems (all the while, making it look as if his opponents were to blame for the worsening conditions); and when chaos began to erupt, he would rise up with a solution. It is this, Alinsky argues, that is vital for the effective community organizer. Go to a troubled community, and pick out someone or some group to blame for the community’s troubles. The community organizer then educates the community members about who is to blame for their troubles. He meets with the person(s) to try and resolve the problems peacefully, but secretly sabotages the meetings. Then he organizes the community members against the person or group.
You might be wondering what all of this has to do with Barack Obama. After all, he is the President of the United States. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” was meant for community organizers. What possible use could Alinsky’s “rules” be for a national leader?
Although a president is much more than a mere community organizer, there are aspects of the job which are similar to community organizing on a massive scale. In addition, we have seen how these tactics were developed before Saul Alinsky. They were used in governing long before Saul Alinsky used them. He is only responsible for applying these “rules” to community organizing.
Obama has applied these “rules” to his government. He is constantly developing policies and enacting laws that are harmful to America. We have seen just how distrastrous the ACA (Obamacare) is. I fear, however, the worst is yet to come. He is now attempting to take away our right to bear arms. Obama is infringing on our freedom of religion with the HHS Mandate on contraceptives.
The economy is still a good deal unstable, and the unemployment rate is much higher than the government lets on. Obama, however, still argues that the economic problems we have faced-and continue to face-are the fault of the previous administration and the Republicans. (Admittedly, the Republicans haven’t fared much better when they’ve been in power!)
Obama’s administration has been plagued with one scandal after another. Yet, Obama continuously maintains the scandals are fake. Minor issues blown out of proportion by conservatives, Republicans, and Fox News.
It is indisputable that the IRS targeted conservatives. Obama, in an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday, insisted, however, that there isn’t even “a smidgeon of corruption” in the IRS. An interesting comment considering the investigation into the IRS is ongoing.
Liberals cite the fact that there were also some liberal groups targeted by the IRS, as well. What can’t be satisfactorily explained by the liberals, however, is why only about 5 liberal groups were targeted, compared to around 292 conservative groups.
Another scandal is what happened in Benghazi. Four Americans needlessly lost their lives in an attack on the US Embassy there. Documents and witnesses have proven that the administration were warned by our people in Benghazi that a terrorist attack was eminent. The administration, however, decided not only to ignore the warnings, but then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually ordered security personnel in Benghazi to be lessened!
To make matters worse, the Obama administration lied to the American people. The administration’s people got on television and claimed the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous demonstration in protest of an anti-Islamic video. The fact is, however, the administration knew all along that the Benghazi attack was an organized terrorist attack.
Obama’s administration is also pushing Common Core on our children. I have four children in public school, and I have seen first hand the problems with Common Core. My fourth grader’s teacher told me that Wesley is one of the only children in the class passing math. Looking at his homework, I can see why. The methods being used complicate things, and can overload the children with unnecessary info.
Common Core is worse for my sixth grader. The methods are more in subtle at his level. The school system is teaching him so much false information in his social studies class that it is ridiculous! Again, the falsehoods are subtle, but they’re there. Even worse, is the fact that my children are being taught to defy their parents’ authority. What right do we have to tell them what to do? They are independent human beings with God-given rights aren’t they? Then why can’t they just decide for themselves what they can and can not do? Why can’t they decide for themselves what is right and wrong? This is what passes as critical thinking under Common Core!
Do you see how Barack Obama has applied what his mentor, Saul Alinsky, taught him? This dangerous and insipid ideology is permeating our society; and our people are just sitting idly by! So, I think one more piece of evidence should be presented from “Rules for Radicals” to show just how dangerous Alinsky’s “rules” are.
For this evidence one need look no further than the dedication page. There Alinsky dedicated his work to “the first radical”, Lucifer (a.k.a., Satan)! Alinsky views Satan as one who refused to be told what to do. He subsequently rebelled, and earned his own kingdom. Apparently, Hell is a kingdom, and refusing to obey your creator is true freedom. I find equally disturbing Alinsky’s idea that living in eternal torment is considered a reward for rebellion and doing one’s own will. Good job, America. This is what we have brought on ourselves!
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity