We just wrapped up our series analyzing the daily prayers required to be recited by every member of American Catholic Solidarity. Now we should take a look at a related topic. Let us look at the petitions for which the American Catholic Solidarity prayers are to be said.
The Rosary is to be said for the intention of the Pope, and his intentions. All Catholics should be praying for the Pope and his intentions. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ on Earth. We want Christ’s protection for the Supreme Roman Pontiff. We also want God to pay special heed to the Pope’s intentions.
The rest of the American Catholic Solidarity prayers are to be said for several petitions. The first is the success of American Catholic Solidarity. Why wouldn’t we pray for the success of our own organization?
Another petition the prayers are to be said for that all of our followers, members, and supporters receive abundant graces. There are so many graces that go unclaimed, and we need as much grace as we can get if we are to achieve holiness. So we pray that our followers, members, and supporters may receive abundant graces.
We offer our prayers for our political leaders at all levels of government. That they will seek only to do the will of Our Lord. Too often our leaders are concerned with their own political agendas, without a single thought as to what God wants. That is the real problem with this world. I hope our petition helps to remedy this situation.
We also offer our prayers that the hierarchy may be great examples of holiness for us in both word and deeds. We seem to have a real problem with clergymen who are more concerned with being popular, than with saving souls. Clergymen who defy Church Teaching (and encourage others to do the same), because they think they know better than 2000 years of Catholicism. It is our hope that this may end through the prayers of the members of American Catholic Solidarity.
Lastly, we pray that the hierarchy may openly oppose those who openly call themselves Catholic, and yet dissent from the essential practices and Teachings of the Catholic Church. There are way too many celebrities and world leaders who openly spurn Church Teaching and practices, and yet, they are allowed to cause scandal to the truly faithful by being admitted to the sacraments. (Here’s looking at you, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Jimmy Fallon, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and other celebrities too numerous to name!)
The petitions required of American Catholic Solidarity members are consistent with our adherence to Church Teaching, and with our mission. We pray always with the good of the Catholic Church, and the good of every soul, in mind. We are attempting, in our own way, to make a better world by first making ourselves better Catholics. We do this primarily through prayer. This is what our petitions are geared towards.
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity