If you haven’t noticed it from my previous posts, I am a straightforward guy. I don’t make much use of analogies or metaphors. It’s not that I have anything against analogies or metaphors, but it isn’t my style. I have always preferred a more direct approach. So, allow me to be direct.
Too many people are misreading the situation in our world today. Some willfully blind themselves to the truth. Others are just naive. The problems we have going on our world today stem from a difference in ideologies. I don’t mean the mere dispute between conservatives and liberals. Between extremists and moderates. The ideologies are much more serious.
First, there are those who wish to depict themselves as the true lovers of mankind. They preach toleration towards everybody. Why not accept the homosexual lifestyle? The Bible says man is created in the image and likeness of God. If that is true, how can one oppose homosexuality? They’re created that way.
They preach (with no real evidence, I might add) that man has warmed the globe. Hence, we are to help the environment, even at the expense of mankind. We need to immediately give up our ways of obtaining fuel and energy. In their place we are to adopt the much more expensive and less practical “free fuels”.
The world, these people preach, is becoming overpopulated. Ignore the fact that most of the developed countries are not replenishing their losses. Ignore the fact that many of the starvation problems in the world are due to oppressive governments, and poor distribution policies. Ignore, too, that many of the developed nations produce far more than enough food to make up for the shortages in poor countries. No, despite all these deaths (plus, those from all the violence in the world), the world is being overpopulated.
These people, too, preach freedom for everyone. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. Everyone has the right to voice them. Yet, when anyone attempts to voice an opinion different from theirs, they are the first to take any means (including the violent and childish) to shut them up.
The other group of people are the ones who seem, on the surface, to be a bit intolerant. They say that one must live life by a moral code. One can’t just do as he pleases. There are consequences to every action.
On the issue of man-made global warming, these people admit there are holes in the theory. The computer models on which it is based have proven to be highly inaccurate. Plus, its advocates tend to be those paid by the government. Not to mention that many of the advocates of man-made global warming have been disavowing the theory.
This second group of people acknowledge that pollution does damage the environment, and they wish to fix it. They say that using “green fuels” will certainly help things, but we must work to make them more practical, more affordable.
These people also say that we must have a more balanced view of overpopulation. First, do we really believe that God is dumb enough to allow too many people for the Earth to support them? Second, we must recognize that, while many underdeveloped countries are growing in population, the developed countries are going in the opposite direction. This must be reversed.
Droughts, famines happen, and they can’t always be avoided. Such are sometimes the results of the natural warming and cooling trends of the Earth. They can also be the result of man burning too many forests. Of man polluting the soil.
The starvation being experienced in many third world countries is not only the result of burning down forests, and polluting the soil. It is also the result of oppressive governments starving their people in order to retain control over them. Of governments who have poor logistics and infrastructure, and can not properly distribute food.
Finally, these people preach true freedom. They believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts. They are more than willing to allow the expression of different opinions, but not when these dispute clear facts, or when these views are harmful to the general good of man. This second group of people understands that freedom is not the same as license. A truly free man can’t just do whatever he wants. There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with freedom.
You see, the basic problems of our world are caused by the battle between right and wrong, good and evil. We see this clearly demonstrated not only in the United States, but in the Ukraine. Russia has long fooled the West into believing it is no longer Communist. The annexation of the Crimea, and Russia’s continued interference throughout Ukraine, has caused a very serious problem. Fascism is beginning to take hold of Ukraine.
While the pro-Russian Communists and overly nationalistic Fascists fight for control of Ukraine, the average Ukrainian is stuck in the middle. These people don’t want a civil war. All they want is what everyone else wants. They want peace and security. Only turning to God can provide this. Communists, Fascists, and anyone preaching anything other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ are against God. This is what it all boils down to.
This statement may anger many people, but so be it. As the saying goes, “The truth hurts.” Only Christ can bring peace. Anything that is not from Him can only breed destruction. The problems in our world are caused by people refusing to turn to Christ. They will not be remedied until the world turns to Him. The only question is, “Are you with Christ, or against Him?”
Peace in Christ,
David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity