Below is an email we sent to Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Enjoy!

Dear Mrs. Pelosi,
     It has come to our attention that you and other people/organizations recently sent a letter to Archbishop Cordileone, telling him not to take part in the March for Marriage in Washington D.C. You claim you are a faithful adherent to the Catholic Faith, and you quote Pope Francis in support of your request to Archbishop Cordileone. 
     Mrs. Pelosi, it pains me to point out to you that you are not a faithful Catholic. You dissent from Church Teaching on abortion, contraceptives, same-sex marriage, and various other issues. This is not faithfulness, Mrs. Pelosi, but dissent. You do not get to define what constitutes a faithful Catholic. Only the Church Itself can do that. The Rock was founded on St. Peter, not on Nancy Pelosi.
     You quote Pope Francis’ words when he spoke of homosexual priests and said, “Who am I to judge?” You misunderstand his words. Pope Francis himself admits he was not altering Church Teaching (which can not be altered). Pope Francis has maintained that a faithful Catholic can not support the homosexual lifestyle. What His Holiness meant was that one can not judge even a priest who has homosexual tendencies. You see, Mrs. Pelosi, the Church separates the sinner from the sin. We love the sinner, but hate the sin.
     Furthermore, you have frequently preached the separation of Church and State. You believe religion has no place in the political realm. Well, we are calling out your hypocrisy. Separation of Church and State is a two way street, Mrs. Pelosi. What right does the government, or its representatives, have to tell an archbishop of the Catholic Church how to live out his ministry? You have violated your own principle.
     As a faithful member of the Catholic Church, Archbishop Cordileone sees it as his duty to stand up for the sanctity of marriage. This duty is even more imperative for members of the hierarchy. Archbishop Cordileone is unlike those who call themselves Catholic, but then take every chance they get to dissent from Its Teachings. Mrs. Pelosi, you have stepped out of line. You must cease attempting to interfere in the work of the Church, which you falsely claim to follow.
     Mrs. Pelosi, you are making the same mistake Martin Luther made 500 years ago. You believe the Church is wrong, and you are right. It isn’t the Church that was established by Jesus Christ that has all the answers, but Nancy Pelosi. We ask you, “Who are you? Who gave you the authority to decide issues of faith and morals?”
     The fact is, Mrs. Pelosi, Jesus Christ upheld the traditional role of marriage. Nowhere in Scripture is same-sex marriage allowed. In fact, just the opposite is true. 
     Normally, we would assume your good will, and approach this as a simple misunderstanding. The fact is, however, your continued rude smugness toward the Catholic Church and Its Teachings proves this is no misunderstanding. So we would ask you a similar question to the one St. Cajetan asked Martin Luther.
     Are we really to believe almost 2000 years of Catholicism is wrong, and modern society alone is right?
     Truth never changes, Mrs. Pelosi. The Catholic Church was right then, and it is right now. We ask you again, therefore, to either cease your open dissent from the Catholic Church, or to cease calling yourself Catholic. Archbishop Cordileone is only doing his duty as a faithful Catholic. We commend him, and encourage him to attend the March for Marriage in Washington D.C.!
          Peace in Christ, 
          David J. Pollard
American Catholic Solidarity