Normally, I do not post twice in the same day. Today is one day where I feel I need to make an exception. Why this exception? Because our enemies advance, and our president does nothing.

     Liberals will tell us that evil things have happened in the world under every president. There has always been chaos in the world. We have seen our enemies use violence against the US, even in times of relative peace.

     I do not deny that our enemies have acted against us during every presidency. That does not excuse or explain this administration’s non-response, or his actions against our allies. Let us see some examples.

     During the Kennedy administration, USSR missile sites were found in Cuba. What was Kennedy’s response? Did he allow these missiles on foreign soil simply because Cuba is a sovereign nation? No, Kennedy called the USSR’s bluff, and he won. 

     During the Reagan administration we had the USSR again challenging us. They believed they could win an arms race against the US. Did Reagan try to reason with the Communist wackos ruling the USSR? No, he demonstrated America’s might by engaging the USSR in arms race. An arms race that eventually played an instrumental role in causing the collapse of the USSR.

     Heck, even Bill Clinton (not exactly known as a war mongerer) brought some force to bear on our enemies! That isn’t to say that Obama hasn’t done anything. He did order the killing of Osama bin Laden. He has been bringing drone strikes on the terrorists. Yet, where it matters most, Obama retreats!

     Afghanistan has proven to be unstable. There are signs of a Taliban resurgence, and of general instability in Afghanistan. What has Obama’s response been? He wants to draw down American forces in that country.

     Obama is making the same mistake in Afghanistan that he already made in Iraq. He knew the government there was unstable, yet he still ordered our soldiers to leave. He was informed years ago that the terrorist group known as ISIS was gaining power, and was planning to takeover Iraq. What was Obama’s response? He ignored the reports. Even worse, ISIS is gaining more and more control over Iraq, and they arepersecuting Christians! The second largest city in Iraq, Mosul, has seen its Christian population deteriorate to almost 0 for the first time in 2000 years under ISIS persecution. Yet, Obama still does nothing!

     The rebels in Syria are killing Christians. It is clear they are Islamic terrorists, and under their rule, Syria will be far more intolerant and oppressive than Assad has been. Still, Obama insists on supporting the Syrian rebels.

     Now we come to the Ukraine. When it was clear Russia was causing problems there, Obama did bring sanctions against Vladimir Putin and his cronies. Putin, however, has been unimpressed. He sees how weak Obama is, and the mixed signals he sends in his foreign policy. Putin knows Obama will only go so far to oppose him. So, instead of backing off in the Ukraine, Putin has increased his interference there.

     Putin well knows what happened when Adolf Hitler annexed Austria and Czecheslovakia. Europe did nothing. They did not want another war. Putin knows he has Europe in an even worse situation. 

     Europe’s response to Putin’s actions in the Ukraine will be minimal. Putin knows this. The reason is that Russia has Europe in an “energy grip”, so to speak. The majority of Europe’s oil comes from Russia. They need Russia. If they bring too many severe sanctions against Russia, they know Putin will cut off Europe’s fuel supply. So he has nothing to fear from Europe.

     Furthermore, Putin knows Obama will not take the simple measure that will free Europe up to act decisively against Russia. He knows Obama is against drilling oil in Alaska. Putin knows Obama is probably not going to approve the XL Pipeline. This means that Russia will continue to have Europe in a stranglehold. 

     The fact is that our enemies are advancing; and our current administration lacks the cajones to bring a tough, decisive response to bear on them. One can only come to the conclusion that our enemies will continue to advance on us while Obama is president. The question is will they begin to advance more quickly? If so, how far will they go before we finally oppose them?

               Peace in Christ, 

               David J. Pollard


      American Catholic Solidarity