I once said that there is no such thing as a true atheist. Everyone believes in a god. Needless to say, this comment ruffled some feathers. Despite the plethora of denials and insults I have received from atheists for such a statement, I still stand by it. There is no such thing as a true atheist. Everyone worships something. You may not attend a church, or offer any sacrifices to a deity, but you have one nonetheless.

     I worship the Blessed Trinity, three Persons in God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I live everyday of my life for Him. Am I perfect? No, I certainly am not. Yet I try to do the will of God as I understand it. I try to place God’s concerns above my own. I believe God the Son, Jesus Christ, was incarnate of the Virgin Mary. I believe that Jesus Christ died to save man from His sins. I believe that He established His Church on the rock of St. Peter, and He wishes all mankind to be united in this Church. 

     This is what it means to worship a god. You do not have to believe in an actual deity, or in an impersonal force, to have a god. Anyone or anything that view as your top priority in life is your god. This is why I have said there is no such thing as a true atheist. Allow to elaborate a little further.

     Although atheists do not believe in a deity in the same way theists do, they do have priorities. Some atheists make earning money their primary goal in life. Their whole life revolves around making money. Money is, therefore, their god.

     Some atheists make sex their priority. Everything they do revolves around (whether directly or indirectly) having as much sex as possible. For such people, sex is their god.

     It seems that most atheists make themselves and their happiness their priority. Whatever they do, they do with themselves in mind. Everything is about themselves. Such a person tends to be a utilitarian. Other people only have value in as far as they contribute to the atheist’s happiness. Most atheists tend to be in this category. They replace God with themselves.

     Still other atheists make the “greater good”, society, their god. Their lives are consumed with attempting to right society’s wrongs. They want to create a sort of utopia. For these, everything must be done with the good of society in mind. Sometimes this amounts to worshiping the State. Sometimes it amounts to the worship of mankind as a whole. 

     Whatever the manifestation, everyone worships someone or something. We all live for something. Even the worst pessimist or anarchist lives for something. All of us have something which we make our priority. Something which our entire lives revolve around. Thus, it must be concluded that the term “atheist” is a misnomer. 

               Peace in Christ,

               David J. Pollard


      American Catholic Solidarity