Before I begin this post allow me to apologize for my insanely lengthy absence. Things have been crazy busy with my family over the last few months. You might say that things have not been calm for us. It certainly has not been calm for the Church this past year.

Pope Francis has made some, shall we say, ill-advised comments. The Holy Father has not been particularly careful with his words. A new archbishop has been appointed for Chicago, and he has made some interesting comments in an interview with Nora O’Donnell. Rumors leaked out earlier this year that the bishops were going to approve a document approving of the homosexual lifestyle. These are just some of the issues and events occurring in the Church this year. I could name many more.

Through all of this, Catholics have done a pretty poor job of keeping calm. Many Catholics have been too quick to assume Pope Francis guilty of heresy. The same has happened with the new archbishop of Chicago. Catholics were absolutely distraught and convinced that the rumors of the bishops approving a document supporting homosexuality was true.

I beg calm from you, my fellow Catholics. Be calm. Stay Catholic. The Catholic Church has a two millennia history without a single heretical teaching. Back in during his pontificate, Pope Bl. Paul VI warned that “the smoke of Satan” had entered the Church. Indeed, if the Catholic Church really is what She claims, we should not be surprised. It must be that way! Satan will not go down without a fight.

Let us keep calm, and keep fighting. Take it to the enemy. Defeat Satan with sanctity!

Peace in Christ,

David J. Pollard


American Catholic Solidarity