Once again, it has been a little while since we have had a post here. I fully intended to post something weeks ago, but we have been very active. We currently have several projects going on which have occupied much of my time. One in particular has had significant effects on our organization.

Last weekend I was contacted, via our Twitter account, by a man from Iran who had a very interesting story. I won’t get too far into it here, because I will be posting his story on our blog soon. But the man was born Muslim in Iran. Sometime ago he began to realize that Islam was flawed, and Christianity was true. After converting to a local Protestant sect, the man had to flee Iran. So he went to live in Turkey.

During his time as a Protestant, the man (who shall be nameless for now), began to see the flaws in Protestantism. After some research, the man in question decided that Catholicism was true. Unfamiliar with how to become Catholic, and experiencing mistrust from the Catholics in Turkey because of his Muslim background, the man in question reached out to American Catholic Solidarity. With our help, he was able to begin the process of entering the Catholic Church.

This man has now been accepted as an Auxiliary Member of American Catholic Solidarity, and will be accepted as a full member once he enters the Catholic Church. Yet, in his great zeal that he already possesses for the Catholic Faith, this Iranian man has asked if he may begin translating our posts into his native language of Farsi.

I have granted his request. Further, the Iranian man has been given my express permission to begin laying the groundwork for a Farsi Catholic Solidarity. This decision was made by me after a good deal of prayerful discernment. With the entrance of this Iranian man into our organizationorganization, I have recognized God’s desire that we expand.

Therefore, in time, Farsi Catholic Solidarity will be recognized as a branch of our larger organization, and it will be given its own president. Subsequently, American Catholic Solidarity will now be considered as merely a branch of the much larger Worldwide Catholic Solidarity. Eventually, we will hopefully develop a branch for other countries or regions of the world.

Despite the name change to WWCS, our blog here in English will still be americancatholicsolidarity.wordpress.com. Our Twitter is still @catholicfreedom, but we will be changing our Facebook to Worldwide Catholic Solidarity. May the Lord, His Blessed Mother, and our patron, St. Joseph, continue to bless our endeavors!

Peace in Christ,

David J. Pollard


Worldwide Catholic Solidarity

American Catholic Solidarity