Previously, we took a look at the journey of Milad H. Dadashi. We saw how he went from Muslim, to Protestant, and is now working on entering the Catholic Church. In this post we will look at Milad’s journey since he became a Christian. This, essentially, is Milad’s testimony. This story comes from another email he sent me. It has been edited for clarity and grammar. Other than that, the story is Milad’s own words.

“The autumn of 2009 was the first time I and a friend of mine attended an Assembly of God church. This was the last year of my university studies. When I heard the prayers and the music during the church service, my body began to shake. I felt a strange, warm sensation in my heart and side. For many years I had been praying to Allah, reciting the Sallat, but nothing happened. In the Assembly of God church, however, I had a new sense. The pastor was saying, “God is alive. He is with us.”

“I had hardly bought a copy of the Holy Bible when I began studying it. I enjoyed it. One verse, in particular, spoke to me. This verse is Mt. 11:28. Jesus says, ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.’

“Every night I read the Bible. I consumed it like a thirsty dog. One night I read the communion prayer (words of institution?) spoken by Jesus. I prayed to Jesus, ‘If you are alive, show me Yourself.’

“Afterwards, I fell asleep. I woke up at 2:30 a.m., and I rolled over to go back to sleep. It was then I heard a long, ugly voice scream in my ear, ‘Jesus is coming!’

“I was terribly frightened by this. Suddenly, I felt something grasp me by the neck, and attempt to lift me off the bed. I couldn’t breathe, and I forced my head back onto the pillow. I was too afraid to open my eyes.

“At sunrise I ran to Mother Maryam Church to see the pastor, and I told him what had happened that night. The pastor prayed for me, blessed me with oil, and gave me some soil from the church grounds for my home. Nothing like this had ever happened when I was Muslim.

“Shortly after, I began to have a sort of recurring dream, which I dreamed every night for a week. Although I was asleep, the dream was more like a vision, than a dream. Sometimes I would see a man wearing clothes, or sometimes there would be other people there, in the dream. I would be told of large numbers of people suffering great pain. When I would awaken I would experience great pain in my own body. I began to cry, but not because of the pain. I cried because of the depression I experienced due to the dream. I prayed to Jesus to take this scourage away from me. Suddenly, the dream ceased.

“One of my pastors recently told me these dreams were from the Devil, not from Jesus. He said the Devil attacked me, because I was trying to turn to Jesus with all my heart. I longed to see Him. I did not see Jesus then, but I discovered that He does exist.

“About six years after the Islamists had demanded an inappropriate action from me in order for me to acquire a job as a judge, and before my escape from Iran, I once again experienced a recurring dream. This time for five consecutive nights. In the dream it was a rainy day. I was carrying a cross while people beat and insulted me. What this meant I was not sure.

“Upon leaving Iran I told Jesus, ‘I have left everything for you.’

“During my first month in ‘voluntary exile’, I was so sad over having lost everything I once had. After prayer one night, however, I saw Jesus as I slept. He spoke to me and said, ‘Come to me. Come to me.’ Jesus lovingly stroked my head as He spoke.

“At present I feel excellent. I am not afraid of anything, because I know my Jesus lives! In my old life I had many things, but I was always sad. Now I have nothing, but I am content.”

Such is the testimony of Milad H. Dadashi.

Peace in Christ,

David J. Pollard


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